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Walkabout: That old Royal is just my type  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

My parents gave me a rebuilt Royal manual typewriter as a high school graduation gift. It was more than a symbol of the machine that would take me toward my ...

Volunteering with PPCRV, in the nations service  Philippine Star

The commitment and dedication of PPCRV volunteers reminds me that there are many good people in the land who want to do things right. And therein lies my ...

Why LBJ Biographer Robert Caro Still Writes 1000-Page Books by Hand  The Wall Street Journal

Be it a Smith Corona typewriter or Chopin, thick pencils or a classic Buick, for the lionized biographer of LBJ, every thing has a purpose (and a story).

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What Peanuts Taught Me About Queer Identity  The New Yorker

We were watching a play about infidelity. It was 1984, and my girlfriend and I had been living together for a couple of years. We had descended the sixty-odd ...

Capcom's selling a 530 official Resident Evil 2 remake typewriter-style keyboard  Eurogamer.net

Capcom's selling an official Resident Evil 2 typewriter-style keyboard - in Japan. The 75,000 yen (around 530) Lexington vintage typewriter bluetooth keyboard ...

Throwback Thursday: 50 old-school tech products | Lifestyles  Napa Valley Register

Learn about some of the most groundbreaking tech products ever developed, how they changed the world, and what innovations came along to take their place.

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